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The NOMADad Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Soy Super Papa is a platform for dads from Latin and Spanish cultures to come together in the name of fatherhood. Sergio and I discuss how the brand came about and the many doors it has opened for him. Please check out his website at

Feb 18, 2020

A fun conversation that will have your mouth watering for breakfast. Nick and I talk about being a blogger for over a decade, the scene in Columbus. We also discuss his philosophy on teaching his boys the craft of telling a story through photography and what interests him in attending the Dad2summit. 

Feb 6, 2020

Chris Ruiz is a blogger and father of 4. Two kids are from his girlfriend's previous marriage and 2 kids are of his current relationship. He blogs about family, tech and baby gear, movie and tv reviews. He recently was the recipient of the Oren Miller Scholarship to attend the Dad2.0Summit in Washington D.C.

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