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The NOMADad Podcast

Dec 3, 2020

Raising kids has its own challenges but add to it the fact that you are "Raising Presidents" and it levels up your parenting.

Russell Clark brings a unique perspective to being a stay at home dad in his new book "Raising Presidents" while also addressing the guilt a working mom juggles in parenting today. 

Get his book...

Nov 20, 2020

Health coach and RV nomad, Jason Adam talks to me about family life on the road. Why they decided to leave their large house for a 40-foot 5th wheel and how they are financially making it work. Along while teaching his 3 girls doing school with his wife overseeing itineraries and navigation and teaching the girls....

Oct 29, 2020

Vernon Gibbs II is a stay at home dad and blogger who recently took a conversation with his kids about perspective on food and turned it into a children's book about healthy eating and not discarding something or someone just because of their outside looks. 

Also, during this episode we discuss becoming a...

Oct 1, 2020

Mike D is a father of 2, who is striving to change the narrative of Black Fathers. His goal is to encourage strong black fatherhood. He hosts a podcast and has a Dope t-shirt shop online so check it out. His website Black Fathers Now is a great resource for bringing the village to the Brotha's.  

Jun 16, 2020

Chuck Sambuchino is a father of a 7 yr old daughter who he wanted to see flourish upon entering kindergarten. He used his resourcefulness and love for her to find a Daisy troop for her to get involved in. But the troop almost did not happen, find out why and how he is being a role model to other dads. Enjoy the show.